Submission is My ultimate turn-on. I have an insatiable appetite for kink and desire to infiltrate your mind, body, spirit and behavior. The reciprocal nature of D/s relationships requires your honesty so I may pluck fantasies & submissive desires from your mind & assess your experience while easing inside your deepest desires so I may turn this hypothetic personal heaven of yours to a space that exists beyond My front door... Once initiated & invaded by your Goddess you accept My coveted invitation & arrive to find an intentional by-session-basis curated space inducing a weakening state & rush of 100 proof desire. Now fall limp beneath My well-crafted control. Enter subspace.

 I am a well-practiced educated Femdom well-versed in traditional BDSM & Corporal Punishment. I am a Powerful Sex Magick Goddess. I am a cunning actress with a pechant for roleplay. My Goddess body is the vessel for a carefully-attuned mind.

I am the Spellcaster, Seductress, Freaky Princess Hedonistic Dominatrix Femme Fatale. Cash and control turn Me on. Come into My Fetish Playground...